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  • Nicemans

Q&A From HPB Technical Team

We understand that OKEX, Bibox and Kucoin will perform token swap. However, what is the final deadline to do token swap through exchange? Can you please confirm?

Each exchange will announce the specific deadlines. They decide the cut off dates. We recommend all users to check each exchange’s respective announcements.

Users do not need to be concerned. We also support token swap through our HPB Wallet even months after the exchanges have closed it.

Will the first genesis block of the HPB blockchain be made during the Closed MainNet period or when we launch the Open MainNet on September 24?

The Genesis block has been created during Closed Mainnet launch.

Will the result of the voting be screened realtime, and ranking the top 105 accordingly?

Yes, users should be able to screen the results of the voting real time. However, users might experience a small delay in display, because the voting needs to be processed first.

Is it possible to reassign your votes?

Yes, our wallet allows users to recall their votes and cast it to someone else freely.

Is the Wallet a web-wallet or a Windows application?

It is neither a web-wallet or a Windows application. At this moment it is a mobile-wallet only, we support IOS and Android.

Will Apple Store or Google Play store support the HPB Wallet?

At this moment you can only download the wallet via our official website. We might support Apple Store or Google Play Store in the future.

If someone does the swap through Bibox or OKEX for example, will they have sufficient time to vote?

If users would like to participate in the voting process, we recommend users to perform the token swap via our wallet.

Can you split your HPB coins to vote for multiple candidates during the node election?

Yes this is possible. Users can cast any number of votes to different candidates.

Will nodes be able to monitor which wallets have voted and for whom?

Currently our wallet does not display this information.

What other tokens will the HPB wallet support upon launch?

At time of release we only support the HPB token. In the future we may expand the number of supported tokens.

Will the revamped website launch together with the Open MainNet?

The new website will launch together with the Open MainNet.