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  • Nicemans

How to Vote by doing HPB Wallet swap

If you'd like to vote for which applicants get to run nodes, please consider doing a DIY token swap now.

Make a new MyEtherWallet (MEW), send a couple of HPB to that first (you'll need a bit of ETH if sending from a Ledger/Tresor or another MEW etc). Then you can practice with the mapping with just a few HPB in play.

Download the HPB wallet. Use the manual and video and get comfortable with the process. Once happy, you can go for it and move all your HPB tokens to the new MEW and map the rest of your HPB with certainty it will go well.

Call this an 'in-house' token swap - this will set you up for voting and swaps your tokens.

It seems to be taking around 24 hours for token swaps to run their course within the HPB wallet at the moment, but it could take up to 48 hours. So take it easy, no rush. Others here who have already done it successfully will reassure you it can be done.

If you wish to either vote for a Western node or split your votes between them then you have a list of western nodes here: